exhibitor request form

Sonic-Con is proud to offer opportunities to production companies and individuals to showcase family-friendly audio dramas to convention attendees.

  1. Please complete the Exhibitor Request Form below.

  2. Once reviewed, you will receive an email stating whether your request has been approved. If approved, you will be sent a Facility User Agreement, which will need to be signed and returned.

  3. Approved exhibitors must purchase an Exhibition Pass in addition to their Weekend Pass.

Exhibitor Pass*

  • Now through January 15, 2020 - $25 (no outlet) / $35 (outlet)

  • After January 15, 2020 - $50 (no outlet) / $60 (outlet)

* Purchased ONLY after Request Form has been approved by Sonic-Con and exhibitor has signed and returned the Facility User Agreement.

Name *
What is your title within the organization, i.e. Writer, Producer, Director?
Please be very specific about everything you wish to present/display. It is expected that approved exhibitors will only present items listed on this form.
Please provide a link where your audio drama can be reviewed.
Exhibitor Space *
Please select the following items that you would like for your exhibition space?
All requests will be determined on a first-come, first-serve basis and will incur an added charge.
Who is your target audience? *
I understand that the materials exhibited at Sonic-Con are to be suitable for ages 8+. *
This includes all materials presented, including, but not limited to, artwork displayed and language used on promotional items.