Finding a Voice Within - James Arnold Taylor

James shares the process of finding your voice as a voice-over performer. Talking from his own experiences he will shed light on how best to explore voice qualities.

The other side of the mic - Phil lollar

Phil talks through the various challenges concerning writing, directing and producing for audio theatre. Pulling from his extensive experience in creating new works such as 3-2-1 Penguins, Phil will share best practices.

Creating a character - Katie leigh

Katie will speak to her experience in creating unique character for animation. Highlighting her work with Disney and Focus on the Family she will help give pointers on developing memorable characters.

Odyssey: lessons learned - Phil lollar & Katie leigh

Hear from Phil and Katie about the longest running international radio drama and the lessons learned along the way that helped shape and define their professional careers.

Telling Your Story - Audio Theatre Central

Distribution methods for getting your podcast heard.

reel effect - joshua nicholson

Joshua explores best practices when developing a demo reel.

foley basics - james walz

Associate professor of Cinematic Arts, James will focus on the ins and outs of creating basic Foley SFX for audio production.

Sound editing - kornel gerstner

Associate professor of Communication, Kornel will walk through best practices of sound design. Using his experiences with The Encounter, he will walk through common mistakes made and how to avoid them for a more efficient process.

writing for radio - “the scholar house” student writers

Join a discussion on best practices for writing for radio. Hear from the team of student writers for the new series, “The Scholar House,” as they discuss not only writing new stories, but also adapting theatrical plays for audio production.

Jump-starting your career - joshua nicholson

Joshua speaks to his more than ten years in the business and the journey from college to the professional world.

Creating conceptual art - ryan brothers

Ryan, who is a graduate of the Studio and Digital Art program at Liberty U. and the conceptual artist for The Encounter, currently works as a Background/Layout Artist for Powerhouse Animation.

[Topics & speakers subject to change]